Mark Carpenter

When finding out he’s from Hawaii, the first question people in the Bay Area ask Mark is ‘why would you ever leave that paradise?’

For most, it’s difficult to accept any answer. But for him, it’s simple.

Great opportunity is a mix of hard work and perfect timing, and life on the other side of the Pacific Ocean is one that Mark couldn’t pass up.

Born and raised in Honolulu, Mark dreamed of having a career in sports, but his love for writing helped him realize early on that he wanted to be the one covering the games, not playing them.

Mark discovered his passion for journalism in high school, he got his degree in Journalism from Hawaii Pacific University, then spent the next four years diving into his craft at Hawaii News Now (Hawaii’s CBS/NBC affiliate).

At HNN, Mark gained experience in a newsroom from a variety of positions, including associate producer, weekend assignment editor, one-man band reporter, to eventually, main sports anchor.

Leaving home is always hard, yet for Mark, being immersed in championship teams and a sporting culture that’s as booming as the tech industry makes the transition from island paradise to sports paradise a little easier.

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