Air Travelers Unlikely to See Delays from Federal Budget for a Month

SAN FRANCISCO INT’L AIRPORT (KRON) — Even though President Obama has signed the order implementing across the board budget cuts to the federal government, it appears air travelers will see few immediate impacts at the Bay Area’s three airports.

KRON 4’s Dan Kerman reports delays at the airports won’t likely be felt until April. That’s because federal law requires a 30-day notice before workers like Air Traffic Controllers, security screeners, and others can be furloughed from their jobs.

So what happens after April Fool’s Day? Dan reports once fewer employees are working it’s likely you’ll see flight delays of as long as an hour and a half at major city airports like SFO. Officials say you will also face longer waits to get through security because of fewer TSA screeners on the job.

The one scenerio where you may see delays in March could come on peak travel days. That’s because the government often calls in extra personnel on those days. However, the sequestration means there’s no money for overtime so the extra help will not come to work.

Stay tuned to KRON 4 and for complete coverage of the effects of the sequestration order.

(Copyright 2013, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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