San Jose Police Shoot and Kill Driver Suspected of Stealing Car

SAN JOSE (KRON) — A man who police say was driving a stolen car is dead after a San Jose officer opened fire on him Monday evening.

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s investigators say two San Jose police officers in unmarked cars spotted the vehicle which had been reported stolen and tried to pull it over on White Road near Woodhaven. Investigators say the driver refused to stop initially but then did come to rest on Jerilyn Drive at Athene.

Authorities say the driver tried to back the stolen vehicle into the police car. One of the officers reportedly exited the vehicle and drew his weapon. That’s when police say the suspect tried to run over the officer who opened fire hitting the driver. The man in the allegedly stolen car was later pronounced dead, investigators say. The officers were not hurt.

The officers involved remain on paid administrative leave. Sheriff’s deputies are conducting the investigation.

Stay tuned to KRON 4 and for the latest on this developing story.

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3 thoughts on “San Jose Police Shoot and Kill Driver Suspected of Stealing Car

  1. So How did a victim know that they were cops, when they’re driving in unmarked cars ? Were the cops in uniform at the time of the stop ? Maybe the victim was thinking he was being car jacked and was trying to get away from the car jackers. Why were the Police putting themselves in harms way ? To be able to kill someone for the enjoyment of a blue power trip. Were the cops even on duty at the time of the stop ? Why didn’t the unmarked cops call in for a marked unit to initiate the stop instead ? Sounds like the cops just wanted an easy way out, so they turn to their guns. Was the victim Black or Mexican, so it be okay from the cops to shoot their weapons ? Is it standard procedure to treat a car thief like a murder suspect ? So if you flee the Police, that gives them the Right to murder you, as the Police will always use the excuse and say, ” He tried to run use over.”

    • How do you know an unmarked police car is really a police car? I’ve been there, done that and didn’t get shot. Simply circle one block repeatedly at low speed until marked units arrive. Circling the block allows marked units to focus on one area to respond.

      Today, if a car has red & blue lights displayed and a loud siren, it’s a fair bet it’s a real police car. Sirens attract attention (especially from other cops) and fake cops use them very sparingly. If in doubt, drive at slow speed to a major intersection or public area before stopping or just circle the block slowly until a marked car arrives.

      It’s standard procedure for officers to defend themselves when someone attempts to maim or kill them. Using a vehicle against an officer on foot is a felony – assault with a deadly weapon. It’s your wielding that 3600 pound blunt instrument against the officer that results in the shooting, regardless of the original reason for the stop.

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