Contra Costa Speeders Behave Badly

The speed limit is 65 on most of the major freeways in Contra Costa County, so why do people go 85 miles per hour or 90 or even 100. KRON 4’s Stanley Roberts rides along with the Contra Costa office of the California Highway Patrol where they had no problems finding people breaking the law and not by a little but by a lot. He even finds one speeder who sees getting a ticket as an opportunity to pray for Stanley.

1 thought on “Contra Costa Speeders Behave Badly

  1. Are people really behaving badly? Or is the limits set low so that authorities can capitalize on ticket revenue?
    California actually follows the 85% rule for setting the speed limit on all highways.
    So if CHP officers are saying “it’s so easy to catch people” then they should also be advocating for a speed limit increase. See CVC22356, it offers a 70MPH.

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