Update: Police Offer $25,000 Reward in Shooting of Richmond Baby

RICHMOND (KRON) — Police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect who shot a one-year-old baby and a bicyclist  in Richmond.

The one-year old boy was released from the hospital on Friday after being shot in the neck and appears to be doing fine, said a family spokesperson.

KRON 4’s Justine Waldman reports that a man on foot opened fire at a bicyclist near the intersection of MacDonald and First Street at about 1:15 p.m. Thursday hitting him in the leg.

Witnesses say the gunman then started shooting at a black Lexus and at several units at the St. John’s Apartment complex. It’s unclear if he was targeting the car or the apartments. Investigators say the little boy was inside his family’s apartment when he was injured. It remains unclear if the child was hit by a bullet or flying debris such as glass.

The child was taken to Children’s Hospital in Oakland where he’s listed in serious but stable condition. The injuries are not considered life-threatening, police say.

Police say the victim on the bicycle appears to be the gunman’s target. Police will only say the bicyclist is known to them.

Stay tuned to KRON 4 and KRON4.com for the latest on this developing story.

(Copyright 2013, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

1 thought on “Update: Police Offer $25,000 Reward in Shooting of Richmond Baby

  1. reporting the grandmother wants to move away. why? why can’t the local police agencies join w/state-fed agencies and remove this gang, thug, ilk element? who do we want as our residents…the ilk or the victims?

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