Louisville Basketball Player Says Fractured Leg “Part of God’s Plan”

(CNN) — Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware tells CNN’s Rachel Nichols that his fractured leg is “all part of God’s plan.”

Ware suffered the horrific injury in last weekend’s NCAA tournament victory over Duke University.

Louisville advanced to the Final Four with the victory.

Ware underwent successful surgery to repair the fracture and is scheduled to travel to Atlanta with his Louisville Cardinals teammates, who will face the Wichita State Shockers at 6:05 p.m. ET Saturday.

(Copyright 2013, CNN, All rights reserved.)

2 thoughts on “Louisville Basketball Player Says Fractured Leg “Part of God’s Plan”

  1. The problem with this “all part of God’s plan” thinking is it is used as a catch all for those who have a faith based worldview and a big ego believing a deity would painfully break your leg before a national TV audience as a part of his divine plan. With this philosophy all of the evil, pain and suffering experienced by humans is thanks to this cruel deity’s plan. Why would anyone worship such a vicious, sadistic and cruel god? I am sure Christian Apologists will make excuses for their mythical god’s evil but in 2000 years they still can’t explain the Problem of Evil aka Theodicy. What an insane world to live in believing such obvious human created myths.

  2. When is “the Plan” a horribly bad one for the individual and the greater human family?

    Just because this purported and particular God has a plan and is often proclaimed to be
    the divine author of “How to Serve Mankind” – doesn’t mean it’s not a cook book.

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