Two Caught, One Wanted in Berkeley Attack on KRON 4’s Stanley Roberts

BERKELEY (KRON) — Two people are in custody and one other is still on the loose in connection with an attack on KRON 4’s Stanely Roberts on Telegraph Avenue.

“I was out doing a story on Telegraph Avenue,” Stanley tells KRON 4 News. “I’ve heard some of the problems they’ve had out there have gotten worse.”

Stanley says people in the neighborhood had told him about a group of street people sit on the street and beg for money to feed their dogs. Stanley does the popular “People Behaving Badly” segment on KRON 4 News.

“The guy in the blue shirt was the one stirring up problems,” Stanley says. “I explained to them that in public they had no expectation of privacy.”

Stanley then got a shot of one of the suspect’s dogs barking on the public street.

“That’s when everything went sideways,” Stanley adds. “They attacked me from behind. I started swinging back. The guy who had no shirt on assaulted me from behind. I grabbed him by the neck. The guy who owned the dog then attacked me. I swung at him and connected.”

Stanley says he managed to get free and called 911.

Berkeley police responded and took two of the suspects into custody. Two others, including the man without a shirt who Stanley says attacked him the first place, remain on the loose.

“I refused to go down without a fight and I used equal force to defend myself,” Stanley said in a posting on the KRON 4 News Facebook page. “In other words I got my licks in too. Hey I’m from Philly what would you expect!! I have been ordered by a doctor to take a mini break so I will. To me it was just another day in paradise! I pressed charges and will seek justice. I want to make it clear it is not OK to assault a journalist ever!”

Stay tuned to KRON 4 and for the latest on this developing story.

(Copyright 2013, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

40 thoughts on “Two Caught, One Wanted in Berkeley Attack on KRON 4’s Stanley Roberts

  1. I find it disturbing that one of my “friends” felt that Mr. Roberts “…got what he deserved”. REALLY? A man pointing out bad behavior deserves to be the target of further bad behavior?

    Needless to say, this is no friend…

      • Can I have a one way ticket to your world? Because here on planet earth, there is, we call it self-defence – which also covers whooping someone’s arse on behalf of a third person, if that third person, is unable to defend themselves.

        Clearly, you lack any common-sense, here on planet earth, whilst it is understandable that some people will delight in being filmed as they go about their business, others will not – sure, you may well be within your legal rights to point and shot but you should also understand that not everyone goes crying to the police if they are unhappy to be filmed. And of these, some will remonstrate and even get physical; had you exercised some common sense, you would have moved away, as soon as you realised that you were antagonising your subjects (the street people and the dog), so as not to fuel the fire.

        I guess, that your the sort of person that would want to call the police, and sue someone, if you tripped over your own shoelace … because you lack common-sense, and so, do not take responsibility for your own actions and safety – part of that includes showing some respect to others, rather than insisting: it’s my legal right, to film you.

      • Chuck Norris once commented, “There are few problems in this world that cannot be solved by a swift roundhouse kick to the face. In fact, there are none.”

      • Your, or someone’s original idea was really good Mr. Roberts. Unfortunately it has turned in to antagonistic and “bad behavior” itself. Please take a look at what it is. Unless you enjoy being someone people want to hurt of course. =)

  2. I knew it would be a matter of time before someone got him…not saying its right that Stanley got beat up but having a segment that exclusively focuses on people behaving badly has never been a favorite of mine as I find it to be antagonistic.

  3. What the people did was WRONG. You should never attack someone. That being said, I do believe you should have left their dog alone. It is not very wise to provoke a dog or continue to make a dog uncomfortable after their owner tells you to stop. They had appropriate restraint on the dog. If you wanted to keep filming you could have moved away from the dog. I’m sure you cameras have the zoom function. I bet you would have blamed them if their dog tried to attack you after provoking it. Dogs don’t speak human, you can’t explain to them that it is your right to film them in public. Sticking a camera in a dogs face is an aggressive action in the dogs eyes. Don’t be ignorant yourself.

    • Thing is, that dog wasn’t growling, its fur wan’t up, it was wagging its tail, acting submissive, just barking a little. That dog was in no way acting like it was provoked. the street people on the other hand were looking for an excuse. Some of them didn’t want to be on film, some were cool with it. The one panhandler was aggressive and threatening from the start. The reporter was hit from behind while the other panhandler tried to take the video camera away. Bullies, plain and simple. You don’t get to assault someone just because you think he is being rude.

      • Stanley here is an idea for you where everyone will be on your side. Cops behaving badly because you will see lots of those if you really take your time on finding them. Your ratings will go sky high on this. Just an idea since you love what you do Stanley.

  4. I was the one hula-hooping.
    Missing is the audio of me trying to get him to film my art instead.
    Also missing Stanley’s attack on Trevor (The one in the purple hat).
    In the video you can see a third person knock the camera down.

    After this Stanley threw punches at Trevor until he was backed up
    against the tree at which point someone separated Stanley. Once they
    were separated he called the police. At this point I walked off to go
    check on my car and when I returned was confused as to why Trevor was in
    handcuffs and approach the nearest officer asking to make a witness
    statement as I was confused how someone could be in handcuffs for being
    assaulted (and never doing more then blocking).

  5. Stanley does a great job to make our area better. When the dog was barking, he should have backed off as that dog is an attack dog used and trained to make the homeless more safe when we can all see that the dog is an offensive weapon and should not be on the streets. The dog should be euthanized. There should be some sort of patrol at least armed with pepper spray, standing by when Stanley is taping people
    Stanley risks his welfare to make our world a better place. Please thank him for me.

    • Thank you Mark! I don’t think the dog was acting aggressive, my feeling was he wasn’t quite sure what the camera was. I don’t think the dog should be killed. But I think something needs to be done to help the residents and business owners on Telegraph in Berkeley.

      • The dog had a muzzle type leash! No harm was coming of you, and you knew this or you would not have continued to film. He asked you many times kindly to stop. When you did not do so you were supposedly assaulted. I would have loved to watch you get smacked in the head a couple times myself.

  6. Stanely, you are doing gotcha journalism, the lowest of that profession. You were obviously antagonizing the dog and the situation. You didn’t deserved to get knocked, but you deserve to go into a new line of work. Why don’t you do a segment of all the local bankers fleecing america, there is a bunch in the financial district in SF?

    You are such hypocrite, because we know you aren’t perfect either, yet you go around the Bay Area for your local Newscaster to do gotcha pieces. It’s tired and lame and frankly low.

    Please stop your antagonism

    • Though I hardly love these low-lifes, they’re the kind TV “journalists” go after because they’re low-hanging fruit. The bankers have lawyers, and they also can obfuscate with legalese and regulations and there are only maybe three reporters at this point who can understand that stuff, and none of them work for KRON. (Two would be Tom Vacar and John Fowler. I don’t know who a third would be but I’m hoping there’s at least one other legitimate reporter left in the Bay Area. Maybe not…) That’s one of the reasons the real crooks get off. Pan-handling a dollar on the street, people understand that. The complexities of white collar crime…nope. Just blame poor people, immigrants and welfare bums…worked during the Hoover administration, works today.

  7. people that are in the class of begging really don’t like being filmed did you ask for the permission to be filmed did you ask them you could do a story on them ? I know you gotta understand what state of mind these people on the street are in. Think about what you trying to do . Expose the people who beg for money ? that is the history of Berkeley how many bummies ask for money in Berkeley ask the students ask the people that live around there. its sad how we have to film the less fortunate to make a name for yourself ? Its apart of the history in berkeley i have never had any problems with the bummies on telegraph just give them respect like any other person if they ask for money of cig if i have i give if i don’t, i say sorry i cant today … i don’t understand why you would do that . Trying to get popular off of soem one elses misfortune. i dont know you gotta go off cameria tell people what your trying to do RESPECT THE STREET OR GET HIT in OAKLAND you might get shot next time you know live you learn Your not from the streets you DONT KNOW this is NOT PHILLI THIS IS THE BAY Treat people here with respect no matter what class group color age anything why didnt you just raise up and leave the spot when your welcome YOU are asking for it!

  8. Glad he got his ass whooped by them dirty hippiez , dont be up in peoplez business acting like you cant be touched , he sitz here and sayz he got his lickz in lol yea right he got his ass whopped i bet , this guy is a joke and i would beat his ass if i ever seen him

  9. You will lose, Stanley. Your video has no evidence, your antagonism no excuse, and your livelihood a joke of humanity. I look forward to watching the homeless get out of jail, and all you have to show for your flagrant disrespect for human beings is whatever beating they gave you. Sensible. Is it sensible to antagonize people who have addiction issues, deal with the stress of not having the amenities you or I have, who live every day in fear of the police? Tell me Stanley, what is sensible about that?

  10. The phrases “dont be up in peoplez business”, “RESPECT THE STREET OR GET HIT”, are non-tangible rules that are unenforceable by law. Antagonism, as some are calling it, although potentially socially unacceptable behavior, is not illegal. What IS punishable by law is assault, evidence here caught on camera, action that was captured while the camera was no longer pointed at dog but rather framing the subjects’ faces at least 5ft off the ground, away from the dog. Only until the suspects’ faces were in frame was Stanly later attacked. It seems the “provoked” dog was either an excuse or a scapegoat for the suspects’ aggression toward the journalist as the dog was no longer being “provoked” when the camera operator was attacked. Clearly, no one but the few individuals who were on scene prior to the clip KRON4 shows know the details leading up to the attack but unless Stanley threw the first punch, the attackers are in the wrong.

    Yes, as a fellow citizen, Stanley should have respected the wishes of the two guys but respect isn’t necessarily legally mandatory and denying it isn’t enforceable by law. Saying “YOU are asking for it” isn’t enough to convince law enforcement that the assault is validated. Is it then ok for the passer-by to attack the panhandler for getting in his face and feeling provoked? One could argue these guys provoke and antagonize others by begging for money with a barking Pit Bull Terrier. Both occur on the sidewalk in a public setting, a setting where one should be free to ask for money or film as they please. Who is in the “wrong” – it’s subjective.

    The mental health (or lack there of), substance abuse issues, etc of the pair captured on film most likely plays a very large role in this incident, a contributing factor to why they’re on the street in the first place. It’s sad but not reason enough to say Stanley’s actions are any worse than theirs, especially in the eyes of the law.

    “i would beat his ass if i ever seen him” – Brave threat coming from behind the anonymity of a computer screen.

    “Stanley Roberts is a pussy going around antagonizing homeless people” – That’s quite the hypocritical statement.

    @Mark V:
    “The dog should be euthanized.” – Seeing the dog was wagging its tail, leashed, and had a muzzle in the video makes me think you’re not a dog lover 🙂 and infers you’re might also suffer from mental health issues as noted above.

  11. Tattle tale Stanley acting like he is holyier than thou, got no issues, nope – no skeletons in his closet. I challenge someone to follow Stanley around all day and night and get his dirt on film for all to see on the news. I have found that most people tattle so the attention is off of them and their issues. Stanley and his lowlife “job” certainly have provoked many to assault him over the years and he is very lucky this has not happened more. Get a real job Stanley something that actually contributes to society. Or get somemore of this and then tattle it on tv and video to people who really could care less whether you can provoke people to assault you.

  12. This is Cali Stanley, NOT Philly so it does not matter where you came from. You piss people off expect someone to go off on you. Stand your ground since you are from Philly but instead you go crying to the police. I forgot thats what Philly people do. Lol..

  13. Nice try calling themselves ‘the kids’. Kids my A%$! They are street bums, and they aren’t ‘kids’ they are probably in their late 20’s to early 30’s by the look of them. And no matter if you think that someone is being rude to you that doesn’t give them the right to lay hands on a person with violence! That’s called being a thug! The streets of Berkeley have too many thugs already they don’t need more.

  14. I can’t believe the crybaby people sticking up for the bums and panhandlers that are perfectly able bodied persons that could get a JOB and work for a living instead of harassing people for money on the streets. My husband was stabbed in the arm by one of these ‘nice’ people because he was being harassed for money and didn’t want to give the guy enough of his hard earned dollars! So Stanley I thank you for exposing these pieces of trash for what they are! If you have never been intimidated by people like that then you are lucky. As a woman I feel very uncomfortable walking down Telegraph Ave. being harassed by bums like that. They don’t have the right to intimidate me or anyone else because I don’t want to give them my money!!!

  15. Empathy: When you can walk around with a camera team and a job to poke fun ( the homeless definitely are offended and embarrassed with no where to go ) I’m sure they would never get mad (sarcasm) when society especially in the U.S. figures every homeless person to be worthless…….get a clue and film something else.

  16. Stanley, thank you for pressing charges against these people. As a trans woman who has been threatened myself, it is great to see someone stand up to these entitled straight white male cis-gendered street thugs. No one deserves what happened to you.

  17. Stanley Roberts is like the annoying kid in high school you always wanted to punch, but never could because you knew he would go straight to the dean, principle, teacher, security if he was ever assaulted. Change the name of his segments to “Snitching on my people”.

  18. You deserved it Stan. And you’ll deserve it next time it happens. It’d be one thing if you focused on real issues, but you’re like that naggy old lady down the block that EVERYONE hates because she’s outside getting any car she can ticketed for the slightest of infractions, or screaming at people to turn down their music, or ….

    You must be intolerable to deal with in person. Score one of the gutter punks. For once I’m on their side.

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