Prom Turns into Epic Fail for San Bernardino County High School Students


SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) – Everyone got stood up at one Southern California high school’s prom. The dance itself was a no-show.

Dozens of tuxedo-clad and corsage-wearing teens from Bloomington High School traveled 40 miles to Santa Anita Park on Saturday, only to discover they hadn’t been told that the date of the big night had changed.

Instead of the enchanting evening they were expecting, students were served chicken strips in a hastily arranged small hall where someone played music from a laptop computer.

The San Bernardino County school’s calendar and the prom invitations listed the event on April 27, but it was slated for May 4.

Principal Ignacio Cabrera says there was miscommunication with event planners.

A semi-formal substitute event is planned for May 18.

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  • Edward Palmer

    and obviously no follow-up from the Principal, when it’s kind-of his job. Did he plan to not be there or around when it kicked off? That’s what you get with professional administrators. Just overpaid clock-punchers.

  • PJ Wolfer

    Proms are expensive and no doubt some decent money had been dropped by (the parents of) many of these students. And for what? Chicken strips and laptop speakers? LAME!!

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