Man Who Left Severely Abused Dog to Die at Oakland Animal Services Could Face Felony Charges

OAKLAND (KRON) — Oakland police and animal control officers are trying to find a man who left a dog crate early Friday morning at the offices of the city’s Animal Services after authorities found the German Shepherd inside dying from severe abuse.

“The last hour of her life, she was able to get some love,” Oakland Animal Services Interim Director David Cronin recalls to KRON 4’s Philippe Djegal. “And that’s how this case has affected me.”

Surveillance video shows a man wheeling the dog crate up to the front door and leaving it in front of the building early Friday morning.

Cronin says the staff named the dog “Margo” but found there was little they could offer her other than love.

“We tried to give her some ground up roast beef, German Shepherd rescue did, and she didn’t really have any interest in it, I think she was just ready to die,” Cronin says. “We gave her some pain medication, sat with her for a little while, gave her some attention, a little love and then we were forced to euthanize her. Really her whole system had shut down, her kidneys, all of her major organs.”


Cronin says the evidence shows Margo was the victim of horrific abuse.

“Her stomach was full of sticks and dirt,” Cronin adds. “This dog had a bungee cord embedded in its skin, had a chain around its neck, it was severely underweight. It was so underweight that its ribs were protruding through her skin.”

Authorities are trying to trace the dog crate Margo was left in in hopes of finding the man in the surveillance video. If he’s caught he could face felony animal cruelty charges.

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13 thoughts on “Man Who Left Severely Abused Dog to Die at Oakland Animal Services Could Face Felony Charges

  1. If he did it. If he found the dog and was simply dropping it off… he might have wanted to avoid being seen specifically because he would be a suspect. They would need to have proof it was his dog. Of course by now he would have read the news and been able to clean up any physical evidence. It will come down to any neighbors he has.

    • Exactly this. If her stomach was full of sticks and dirt, then I would assume she was in the bush and was forced to eat whatever she could to try to survive and ate some fallen branches. Why she had a chain around her neck, and a bungee cord embedded in her skin we’ll never know. She probably broke her chain and ran away from home and has been lost for a while.

      This guy more than likely just happened across her in the bush or on the side of the road and from the sounds of it and should of just left her there to die if all that’s going to come to him is felony animal cruelty charges that he may or may not have even committed. I don’t think he was saying “Good Bye” in the video, but more of a “Good Luck”.

      Instead he did what he thought would be best and brought her to the humane society and thought “Maybe they’ll be able to save her, if not she’s going to die out here anyway.”

      • I mean really the more I think about it, if he was this abusive, why would he have brought the animal in at all? Someone that does that to an animal wouldn’t suddenly wake up and think “the animal is about to die, i should go bring it to the authorities”… that type of person would have just let the animal die and burried it.

        When you find animals like this, they are usually still with the owners, being neglected at their residence… How many times do abusive pet owners actually bring their pets in for extreme malnourishment/abuse like this? Its almost the ASPCA going after them directly based on what people have seen or heard. Its just too weird a motivation for me to believe.

        Maybe I’m just naive and have trouble believing he is a bad guy, but it just makes more sense that he is a good samaritan.

  2. Please KRON4 post the stills and video so the guy can get lynched. I mean there’s no way someone might have taken this dog from it’s owner to try to get it help right? Obviously someone who would starve a dog like this is going to head on over to Animal Services to get it some help.

  3. This isn’t necessarily directed at the person who actually delivered the dog to them as I have no idea who he is, but in my opinion, there’s a special place in hell reserved for people who are capable of such severe neglect and abuse of a defenseless animal. If someone is capable of doing this to an animal, they can just as easily do the same to another human being. If I could, I’d throw the abuser in prison for life. It’s virtually no different than physical human abuse or attempted murder.

    • I was just going to use that same expression, Jeff – there’s a special place in hell reserved for people like that!!! I hope karma bites that abuser right in the a$$ & I hope he suffers an even worse fate than poor Margo did. Rest in peace, sweet Margo, you’re no longer in any pain…

  4. I don’t think the guy who dropped the dog off was the one who abused her, but he might know who did. Nobody who abuses a dog that much cares enough to drop it off somewhere to try to get it helped. They would have just let it die wherever it was. Whoever mistreated that dog deserves so much worse than the law can do to him. Complete worthless piece of filth.

  5. Who ever did this needs the same abuse done to them! If we made that a law Maybe scum bag animal abusers would think twice. And if that doesn’t work, then we just shoot them. Nobody is going to miss a heartless piece of s*** like the person who abused this poor dog. At least she is finally at peace. RIP Margo. 😦

  6. :(….Margo I didnt personally know you but love you very much as if you were my own Dog. no pet deserves to be treated the way you were treated, I wish United States Of America would let let PET LOVERS dicipline that person who injured you because I would rip his tongue and put cuts all over him like Margo had and than pour hot sauce on his wounds. and last bathe him in acid.

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