Man Who Left Severely Abused Dog to Die at Oakland Animal Services Could Face Felony Charges


OAKLAND (KRON) — Oakland police and animal control officers are trying to find a man who left a dog crate early Friday morning at the offices of the city’s Animal Services after authorities found the German Shepherd inside dying from severe abuse.

“The last hour of her life, she was able to get some love,” Oakland Animal Services Interim Director David Cronin recalls to KRON 4’s Philippe Djegal. “And that’s how this case has affected me.”

Surveillance video shows a man wheeling the dog crate up to the front door and leaving it in front of the building early Friday morning.

Cronin says the staff named the dog “Margo” but found there was little they could offer her other than love.

“We tried to give her some ground up roast beef, German Shepherd rescue did, and she didn’t really have any interest in it, I think she was just ready to die,” Cronin says. “We gave her some pain medication, sat with her for a little while, gave her some attention, a little love and then we were forced to euthanize her. Really her whole system had shut down, her kidneys, all of her major organs.”


Cronin says the evidence shows Margo was the victim of horrific abuse.

“Her stomach was full of sticks and dirt,” Cronin adds. “This dog had a bungee cord embedded in its skin, had a chain around its neck, it was severely underweight. It was so underweight that its ribs were protruding through her skin.”

Authorities are trying to trace the dog crate Margo was left in in hopes of finding the man in the surveillance video. If he’s caught he could face felony animal cruelty charges.

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