Fire Empties Fairfield Motel 6

FAIRFIELD (KRON) — Guests at a Motel 6 in Fairfield are having to find other accommodations thanks to a grass fire that spread from the freeway to the building.

The fire approached the Motel 6 near the intersection of Interstate Highway 80 and Suisun Valley Road at about 7:00 Tuesday evening.

“My roommate thought something was burning and I opened up the door and yeah the grass fire from the overpass and it crept all the way up,” patron Robert Alexander says. “Then when we were evacuating the trees were on fire and then the roof and everything. I don’t know where we’re staying tonight.”

Another patron was in the shower when the flames approached.

“I heard a bunch of screaming and hollerin’ and people beating on the door shouting fire,” Motel 6 patron Ronnie Smoot tells KRON 4’s Jeff Bush. “Sure enough I open the door and there’s white smoke and ashes flying everywhere. It caught the palm trees on fire and then once it did that it got on the roof.”

It’s unclear how the fire started but the winds were clearly a factor in its spread to the motel.

“Because of the sustained winds we have here in Fairfield, 15-25 miles per hour, the embers got up into the air and the attic space of the Motel 6,” Fairfield Fire Battalion Chief Jorge Merodio adds.

The fire is now out. There are no confirmed reports of injuries.

(Copyright 2013, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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