Mike Pelton Updates Looming BART Strike

KRON 4’s Mike Pelton reports live from the West Oakland BART station about the possible BART strike and gets reaction from commuters.

If you can’t see the video, access it here


1 thought on “Mike Pelton Updates Looming BART Strike

  1. There is no mention of why there have been no negotiations this week. There is no impasse! BART’s Special Chief negotiator, brought in for 6 weeks at a cost of $399,000.00, has taken a week’s vacation to take care of ‘other business’. Hmmm. He is getting paid by Bay Area Tax Payers to conduct his private business instead of what he is being paid to do. Why is this not being reported? Someone is not negotiating in good faith. Any guess who this might be?
    I want to see some responsibly impartial reporting that actually investigates the information they get before passing that information on to the general public. It’s high time the real truth is told. Check out the on-the-job injuries sustained by employees as related to unsafe equipment and working conditions. This I realize will require actual investigating. I hope I am not expecting too much.

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