BART Strike KRON 4 Coverage Guide

OAKLAND (KRON) — A 60-day state mandated cooling off period is coming to an end and there’s still no agreement between the Bay Area Rapid Transit system and its main unions, the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

KRON 4 is providing comprehensive coverage of the BART labor dispute and how it’s affecting commuters. This page is a complete guide to KRON 4 video and text coverage of the latest developments, links to transit and other resources, tweets and more ways to find out what you need to know to navigate the region during the strike, if it happens.

Lead Up to October 2013 BART Strike Threat Videos

Lead Up to October 2013 BART Strike Threat – News Stories

BREAKING NEWS: BART to Operate Friday and This Weekend
Update: BART Wants to Keep Talking Past Midnight
Confusion Reigns as Hours Slip Away Before BART Strike Deadline
BART: Some Union Members Concerned Concessions Being Made at the Bargaining Table
Bay Area Businesses Call Potential BART Strike An Emergency Situation
Some BART Workers May Oppose Any Deal
No 72-Hour BART Strike Warning Yet
Councilman Wants to Ban Transit Strikes
Tight Squeeze on BART Blamed on Maintenance Shortage
BART and Unions Apart by Hundreds of Millions of Dollars
VIDEO: BART Negotiations Continue With Still No Agreement
BART Workers Reiterate Safety Concerns As Negotiations Continue
BART Talks Stop During Cooling Off Period
Unions Push BART To Resume Talks
BART Reports Third Highest Ridership in History

Summer BART Strike and Strike Threat Coverage
Lead Up to August 2013 BART Strike Threat Coverage on KRON 4
Watch and Read KRON 4 Coverage of Early July 2013 BART Strike

BART Strike – Other Resources

BART Official Site
BART Management Strike Info

The Unions
SEIU Local 1021
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1555

Transit Options Transit Info BART Strike Alert
BART Strike Traffic & Parking Info
BART Charter Bus Service Map
San Francisco International Airport
AC Transit
Golden Gate Transit
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco Bay Ferries
Harbor Bay Ferry Shuttle
South San Francisco/East Bay Ferry
Santa Clara VTA
County Connection
Capitol Corridor
Park & Ride Lots
Caltrans’ Bay Bridge Bike Shuttle
Tips for Employers

San Francisco Casual Carpool
Casual Carpool News and Locations
Sidecar Ridesharing App
Order a Fastrak Toll Tag
511 Ridematch
Carpooling Rewards
Vanpooling Available Seats

BART Strike Board of Inquiry – Online Resources

Governor Jerry Brown’s Statement
San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s Statement
BART’s Request to the Governor

BART Strike Tweets

19 thoughts on “BART Strike KRON 4 Coverage Guide

  1. I agree that these employees should be fired, just as the President fired air traffic controllers back in the 1980s. BART workers are not the only people who have not had salary increases nor the only people who have had their benefits coverage reduced and/or costs of benefits (including retirement) increased. I would like the Governor (or whoever else may have the authority) to

  2. so is the strike over? I live in union city and have a view of bart when it passes by. This morning a long bart train passed through the area.

  3. Fire them all and give people who would love to have their job for the money they are making!! One bart worker said thats just barely getting by, welcome to everyone’s world!!

  4. I can see the maintenance and mechanic workers asking for a raise, i cant even imagine how much work they have with all the trains and people that use all of BART’s resources. The train operators and the station attendants need to realize that they are a dime a dozen and they don’t deserve a raise for barely even doing a job at all. All I ever see BART attendants do is talk to their friends and sit on their ass, they are basically public garage attendants making sure that the ticket machines are working; a minimum wage job. The train operators should be paid well, they are responsible for thousands of lives a day, and they are being paid well, especially because unlike bus drivers they don’t experience debilitating stress. I think the unions just timed this strike for a time when they would have some leverage considering that AC Transits contract is up. Don’t forget the history of union leaders always being in it for their personal game not the masses that they are suppose to be fighting for; its all business and politics.

  5. There is a lot of misinformation out there, the average bart salary
    is close to $80, 000usd. for a 40 hr work week. Full time employees
    are entitled and given medical, dental vacation along with sick
    leave w a nice pension after a certain # of years. In this economy
    they should feel lucky to have a job. Starbucks employees make a
    total of 12 dollars an hour, yet don”t go on a nation wide strike. Bart
    needs to hire 50 new train operators, put them thru training and
    finally fire all of the employees which have been w bart for less than 15yrs.
    This is the second time Bart employees who are considered civil
    servants have threatened the local economy along with disrupting important
    peoples lives such as fire fighters and police ex:doctors who rely on bart
    to travel to work. This will be a small cost now to save great funds/resources
    in the future. If Bart Employees do not like there job, Mc Donalds is currently

  6. Where’s the support people? Not everyone wants to live at the poverty line. Lets be realistic in the Bay Area an average BART worker’s salary is about 50K that’s just paying for the basics. BART workers are not rich! I keep hearing the word GREED……… BART management makes a reported average of 300K………hmm

  7. Union BART members say they will strike for as long as it takes should they decide this to the detriment of the public on Sunday. Should this be the case then they do indeed need to be fired and replaced by others that would be more than happy to get such jobs.

  8. The media is controlling this story. I was at a BART station and Channel 2 was there doing a story about the strike. I watched as about 15 people interviewed were all against BART employees. There was two people who were in the middle. Only the two who were in the middle made it on the evening news. If the media was truthful in their reports, the workers would see this and call off the strike.

  9. The facts, BART management is not telling the truth. 1st of all, BART
    employees have been paying their full share of the retirement, contrary
    to what you hear in the news media. The employees gave up 11.5% pay
    raises back in 1980, to allow BART to save money, to pay the employees
    share of the retirement. What BART is sending out to all the media, is a
    bold faced lie.2ndly, BART employees have been working on the medical
    problem of rising cost for the last 4 or 5 contracts. Each compromise,
    has saved BART hundreds of millions of dollars, and yet, because of
    their bad management skills, they squander away the saving on “things”
    they don’t need to operate the system. The wasted $100 Million + on a
    train control system that never worked and was never brought on line.
    They wasted $3/4 of a billion on an over priced connection to the
    Oakland airport, when options were available that would make the trip
    more efficient for about 1/10 the price. After 40 years of Contra Costa
    paying taxes going to BART, what do they do to finally service east
    Contra Costa County? Not “BART” per-se, but a diesel locomotive to
    connect east Contra Costa with the Pit/Ant BART station.BART needs to be
    held accountable for the money it does spend, and the tax payers, the
    politicians overseeing BART don’t do that… It’s time!

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