BART Strike Talks Resume

BART labor talks will resume Tuesday evening, BART management announced this today.

“The district has been notified by state mediators that negotiations will resume at 6 p.m. Tuesday,” BART spokesman Rick Rice said in a statement.

“After one full day of no meetings, we are eager to get back to the table,” he said.

The negotiations will take place at the Caltrans building on Grand Avenue in Oakland, Rice said.

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4 thoughts on “BART Strike Talks Resume

  1. Whatever deal comes out of this negotiation, make sure to tell the 400,000+ people who use BART on a daily basis by how much their fares will increase. Just so the public can see how there is a link between the concessions we give to the 3000+ union makers and how much we pay for BART tickets. At the end of the day, we are the one on the hook.

  2. On Friday night while I was going down the escalator to the platform a passenger yelled at one of the BART employees that were passing flyers to support them on the strike. The agent at the booth overheard the passenger and she said “that wasn’t nice and uncalled for, let’s see what happens on Monday.” I thought to myself it was uncalled for a passenger to air out their feelings and disagree but it’s okay for BART employees to get hundreds of thousands of people stranded and miss work?

  3. BART knows that they are THE ONLY convenient public transport in the bay area !!

    We should have other alternatives like real buses that actually go to/from SF to the east bay on a daily basis. Not shuttle buses that only come in handy during a strike. Or build anew train system.

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