Union Spokesperson Says BART Walked Away From Talks

Antoinette Bryant, representing the BART workers, talks to KRON 4 News about the union’s position in the strike negotiations.

If you can’t see the video, access it here

3 thoughts on “Union Spokesperson Says BART Walked Away From Talks

  1. BART walked out because your demands are OUTRAGEOUS!

    BART workers are amongst the best paid in the nation for public transportation workers! Your average salary is $83000. You get paid double for overtime. Your health care for you and ALL of your family members costs $92 a month. You get free pensions. You have station agents getting paid SIX FIGURES for sitting in a booth to watch fare riders and answering their questions! And you complain and want a huge 23% raise?

    You have no argument!

  2. As a Bart employee I have this to say. This is not about us, it is about large corporations in this country constantly leaving the workers behind while the top level management gets ritcher. The figures being put out are very misleading. Bart is having record ridership and has a surplus from the rise in the economy. They have raised the fares, they have raised the parking rates, have a 97%on time performance rating and during peak hours are running 90% of their fleet. Management gave themselves a 12% raise last year and gave the rest of the staff nothing. We do pay 0 into our pension which was negotiated in a previous contract on top of a pay cut as well as the fact that our employees are not eligible for any social security. Overtime is being approved by management because of the fact that there has been a hiring freeze over the last 8 years and we are understaffed. They complain about it but if everyone refused to work overtime every area would suffer. I could go on about this but these are just some areas thet are failed to be mentioned in the media coverage. They are proposing us to contribute to a number of things that would amount to at least a 10% reduction in pay. Then they come and offer a 2% raise. That is why this is a slap in the face.

  3. I think the BART workers need to stop letting Antoinette Bryant address the press. Her attitude is off putting to the public. She does not garner sympathy for the workers or their cause. They need to stick with Josie Mooney. Her apologies to the public about the strike come across as genuine, whereas Ms. Bryant comes across as “oh well, whatever”. JMO.

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