Grandfather Appeals for Return of Baby Daphne Webb

OAKLAND (KRON) — The grandfather of a 21-month-old child missing since last Thursday is appealing for the public’s help in finding Daphne Webb.

Family members on the child’s mother’s side say they have set up a web site,, to help get the word out about the case.

Police last week issued an Amber Alert after the child’s father, John Webb, said Daphne disappeared from his car in front of an Oakland liquor store/supermarket. Webb was later arrested on Child Endangerment charges and then released.

KRON 4 has learned the missing child’s mother, Kiana Davis, is not considered a suspect in the kidnapping. She reportedly has a restraining order against her in connection with a drug conviction earlier this year. When KRON 4’s Terisa Estacio asked her when she had last seen Daphne, Kiana Davis did not answer.

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Family members held hands and prayed before talking with reporters.

“These past few days have been the worst nightmare of any parent and for me as Baby Daphne’s grandfather,” Kevin Davis told reporters. “This is a troubling and deeply anxious time. As you can see Kiana and Baby Daphne have a large and loving family which is committed to doing everything in our power to bring my granddaughter home. We have also reached out to Baby Daphne’s father, John Webb, and we look forward to his involvement and cooperation in our efforts for the safe return of Baby Daphne.”

Online Resources
Find Baby Daphne
Oakland Police
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National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

It’s unclear why John Webb didn’t attend Tuesday’s event.

Stay tuned to KRON 4 and for comprehensive coverage of the search for Daphne Webb.

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2 thoughts on “Grandfather Appeals for Return of Baby Daphne Webb

  1. People really should stop involving babies and children in their disagreements; and, failure to get along with each other. It would save everybody a lot of grief, concern and time looking for someone who really is not lost. I pray that whatever is truly going on in this matter be immediately revealed and resolved; and, that this child is found safe, and is placed with her rightful guardian.

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