Girl Who Falls 20 Feet out of a Balcony is Recovering

OAKLAND (KRON) – Music and physical therapy have started, but the last month for Maya Schomaker has been a life changer. The Bishop O’dowd student was in Italy with the Young Women’s Chorus of San Francisco for a concert series. But her first day in Italy did not go as she expected.

Schomaker told us, “I thought it was a balcony because it looked like a balcony but it wasn’t…I remember being really freaked out and it was dark and I was screaming.”

Falling 20 feet into a courtyard, she broke her pelvis in 4 places. She suffered from internal bleeding and had fluid in her chest.

She was rushed to the hospital where doctors told her she had to lay flat for five to six weeks. She laid in the hospital for three weeks before getting flown to Oakland Childrens’ Hospital.

A week later, which was exactly four weeks from the day of the accident, Maya took her first step.

Her mother, Linda Shomaker said, “right now she’d still be laying on her back in Italy, but she’s in a wheelchair, she started physical therapy.We saw more doctors evaluating her in 24 hours than we saw for three weeks in Italy.”

The Schomakers are facing some hardship because their insurance didn’t cover Shoemaker outside of the US. They are now left to pay those bills.

“We actually don’t even yet know the cost of the italian hospital, but we do know so far it’s 48 thousand for the medical transport and associated fees.” Fortunately an army of friends and family helped them out financially. They are now trying to pay them back.

A fundraising webpage under called, Bring Maya Safely Home raised over 22 thousand dollars, but they have a long way to go. In the meantime, the focus is on getting the teenager back on her feet.

Her doctor is hoping to get her home within a week. At this point, Shomaker is not going to have surgery, only rehab. He says he hopes every day she’ll do a little bit more and get a little bit stronger.

Maya Shomaker said, “because I have stairs in my house they need me to be able to get up the stairs then I can stay in bed at home.” She says she’s working on how she can get up the stairs, whether it be by crutches or crawling.

Maya is now on crutches. Doctors anticipate a three to four month recovery period.

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