Looming BART Strike

KRON 4’s Will Tran Reports from West Oakland on the latest developments in Bart Negotiations as well as commuter reactions to a possible second BART strike.

2 thoughts on “Looming BART Strike

  1. i take BART to commute to work, but i rather let them strike and not cave-in to their ridiculous salary demands. don’t forget, BART unions wanted the public to believe that they are protesting because management did not care about their safety requirement, but now all we heard is compensation raises. while everyone has the right to earn their fair compensation, but BART unions have gone too far.

    so let them strike, fire them all. the whole union thing is not working out and taxpayers are footing the bills of these greedy BART union folks. NO MORE!

  2. I have always been pro union, but am disgusted by the tactics the BART unions are using. They give unions a bad name. Hope management does not cave on this one–let the members contribute to their retirement and medical, and hopefully they will elect better leaders that partner rather than pontificate.

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