Police Shoot Pit Bulls After Mauling

BAKERSFIELD – Police have shot three pit bulls that mauled two people in the backyard of a Kern County home.

The attacks occurred Thursday after a man looking for his son entered the fenced property in the Bakersfield suburb of Oildale and was confronted by three pit bulls. A neighbor heard the man scream, grabbed a shovel and rushed to the house.

The Bakersfield Californian reports the woman was bit on the arms, legs and upper body. The man had less severe injuries. Both were expected to survive.

When deputies arrived, they found the victims on the ground. They fired six shots, killing two pit bulls. The third was euthanized.

Neighbors tell the newspaper they never had a problem before with the dogs.

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33 thoughts on “Police Shoot Pit Bulls After Mauling

  1. Stop killing animals for doing what they are supposed to do. Protecting their home and family from intruders. Did these people have permission to enter the property, were the owners home, did the dogs know these people??? There is a lot of information left out of this story! You killed these dogs for doing their job! The human race is a disgrace!

  2. Shame on you for a sham of a story. Those poor dogs DID THEIR JOB. How can you punish or demonize a dog who was doing his job when some idiot TRESPASSED ONTO PRIVATE PROPERTY?? Shame on you Kern County and I hope the idiot who trespassed gets cited and SUED for the loss of these four legged family members

    • The man just might have known the neighbors who had the dogs and his son most likely knew them too, so stop jumping the gun until the facts are in, dogs do like to work in packs too just like people/

      • so what if he knew them, the dogs obviously did not know him. Would you walk into a yard with three pit bulls just because you know the people that live there? Stupid stupid move on his part, and yes, the dogs were only doing their jobs.

      • They were in their own yard! If somebody comes into your house aren’t you going to “work in a pack” to protect yourself and your family?

      • Sorry but my neighbors know I have three pit bulls and would never go into my yard without me or a family member. It’s common sense. My dogs are there to protect me and our kids while my husband is away. Even my own family won’t come onto the property without letting us know they are there. It’s basic common sense.

  3. I have raised two pitbulls and they lived a very long time and they did the job they were expected to do in their prime. How dare you kill these animals for guarding their territory!! You never walk on to peoples property without checking for any kind of animals. And I still have a pitbull. Do not walk onto my property uninvited. Ya hemme!!!

  4. what if a kid wondered into the back yard, would killing the kid be the dogs job.
    vicious animals. Sue the home owner into homelessness.

    • It wasn’t a kid who wandered into the yard and there is no reason to think that the dogs would have responded the same way. It was an adult male, followed by another adult who was threatening the dogs with a shovel. Your hypothetical is irrelevant. That’s not what happened.

    • Watching the kid would be the parents job. Shame on you for being such an idiot and a shining example of those who are leading this country in the wrong direction.

    • That is a very stupid statement. Dogs are smarter than you think and were responding to a threat. A child wandering around would likely not have been perceived as a threat.

  5. Hello dummies…stay outta the fenced in yards of others! You don’t just walk into someone else’s fenced in yard without asking! Now 3 good dogs are dead because of one stupid man!

  6. If you enter MY fenced yard without permission if my dogs don’t get you I will. That stupid son of a bitch needs to pay for all the legal costs the homeowner will now incur sueing the police because they did not have to shoot the dogs and have the third one put down.

  7. How young was this kid they were looking for? Both parents home yet he/she somehow went wondering off unnoticed? How long before they noticed? Was the kid ever found? Where was he found? How old is he that he might have been able to wonder over a fences yard? Is there any verification that this kid exist? Am I the only person that thinks this story makes little sense? I mean if the kid is old enough to climb over fences you would think he is old enough to respond to his name. No need to climb over fences. Just don’t add up to me. If a boy was really missing you would think the story would of covered were the boy ended up being found if found at all.

  8. Charges should be filed against the ones entering the property without permission, then sue them for the death of your pets.

    something for the policemen and

    politicians to consider before writing their future…

    Policeman, a little food for

    thought…for every dog that is or was murdered by a policeman you have left or

    will leave behind a trail of children with PTSD, some may not even realize it

    for days, weeks, months or even years. You are singled handedly and sub-

    consciously removing all trust in law enforcement they may have had and taught

    them all about murder. You are not killing a murderer, robber, etc….but instead

    you are killing a companion, a friend, someone they love. Don’t be surprised if

    one day all of this comes back to haunt you and the only one to blame will be


    time a child watches a video or

    hears of a policeman shooting / killing

    or dragging someone’s pet off or talks about a policeman shooting / killing or

    dragging someone’s pet off, which with today’s technology will be every minute

    of every day, another child will develop PTSD.

    This is
    your legacy for the children of our

    future. —- And when a child experiences a traumatic

    event, which is what you are providing a lot of, it will often follow them

    throughout life. Obviously policeman shooting/killing and dragging dogs off to

    their deaths is a practice of brutality that has been going on for some time

    and it is only because of today’s technology / social media that it has been

    brought out in the open and exposed it

    to the masses.


    World is watching and speaking …and I hope these policeman stop and think about

    the consequences of their actions and change their practices before they create

    a society of children with little to no regard for life….they are affecting

    their own children as well and are probably not even aware of it. The children

    are watching not only the policeman but any and everyone involved including the

    politicians allowing this barbaric practice…


    when your child or any child asks you why that policeman is killing peoples

    dogs/pets/family members….give them the police department, mayor, governor and

    anyone else involved phone number and tell them to ask that person….They are

    the ones murdering these dogs/pets/family members let them explain it to the

    children they are affecting…..

    taking pictures and videos for

    posting so the world can see. Also provide a list of Names with email

    addresses physical addresses and

    phone numbers to Police

    department heads, government

    offices and anyone else you can think

    of, so people of the world can have a

    medium to voice their opinions/feelings on what is being done there and so they
    can SHARE…SHARE…SHARE… These agencies need to

    be and will be bombarded with calls,

    emails and letters

    from around the world… then maybe they will rethink what they are

    planning to do….who knows maybe and

    Hopefully “ANONYMOUS” will pick up on this and assist in our

    fight. Their motto is “JUSTICE IS COMING’… just

    ask the police dept. in Hawthorne California..

    …..your actions serve only to further

    desensitize the minds of the people and our children regarding law


    Get any
    and every bit of information you can about that

    cop to include pictures of him, place of employment with phone numbers and

    email addresses and anything significant. Then post it and

    SHARE—-SHARE—-SHARE for the World to

    see. This will also give the world a venue to respond and voice their opinion

    on that cops murderous action. No one likes their dirty laundry exposed,

    especially to the world…

  9. Dogs are territorial. If some stranger enters their back yard, they will respond. This story has a lot of holes in it as usual and you don’t know what to believe and more dead dogs because people don’t understand dogs. We also don’t know what the dog owner was like in their management of the dogs. Hope everyone is okay and we are assuming the dogs were some kind of dog even considered to be a pit bull type dog. This is the media. Who knows what part is true and isn’t including the type of dogs and what really happened.

  10. This isn’t a pit bull attack story. My little Westie would do the same if a stranger came into our yard. Dogs were protecting their fenced yard just like any other dog breed will.

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