Halloween Decorations Prompt Neighbors to Call 911


MUSTANG, OKLAHOMA (KRON) – An elaborate Halloween set up has rattled some neighbors in an Oklahoma town.

The scene in front of Johnnie Mullins driveway depicts two corpses laying face down, splattered in blood.

Mullins says he wanted to do something different this year for his towns upcoming celebration of ghouls and goblins, and says he simply wanted to “scare” people.

He even refers to the dummies as Crushed Kenny and Dead Fred.

However some neighbors say he’s gone too far, claiming the scene can scare children.

Officials, who were called to the home after receiving a 911 call, say Mullins isn’t breaking any laws.

Mullins has kept the scene up and even recreated it after a storm washed the blood away and forced him to bring the dummies inside.

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