Missing South Bay Sisters Found Safe

SAN JOSE – Two teenage girls who went missing Sunday night have been found safe and are now with their mother, according to the San Jose Police Department.

The girls’ father, Chuck Dorcich, said he was overjoyed to learn that his children were safe, even though he still doesn’t know why they left or where they have spent the past two and a half days.

“I don’t know, and at this point, I don’t care,” said Dorcich, a San Jose-based TV producer. “They are not sick, they are not hurt. It’s time or the healing to begin and (for them to) get the rest they need.”

Dorcich had asked for the public’s help in locating his daughters Madeline, 16, and Emily, 13, after he could not find them when he went to pick them up Sunday evening at Del Mar High School in San Jose.

The girls had attended a Sunday night church service at the high school and were seen at about 7:30 p.m. but were not there when he arrived later in the evening, Dorcich said.

He filed a missing-persons report with San Jose police that night.

San Jose police spokesman Office Albert Morales said today that police have determined the incident was “related to a child custody matter that will have to be resolved in family court.”

As of this afternoon, the girls were with their mother, the case is closed and police will take no further action, Morales said.

Dorcich said the girls did not show up for classes at their school, Valley Christian High School at 100 Skyway Drive in San Jose, while they were gone.

He said the ordeal gave him empathy for parents whose children have gone missing.

“You assume the worst,” Dorcich said.

(Copyright 2013, Bay City News, All rights reserved.)

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