Fugitives With Warrants Behave Badly, Get Hauled In

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Hundreds of people wanted by law enforcement are on the streets of San Francisco but there’s only one agency that has a unit dedicated to finding them.

For the first time in the history of the unit People Behaving Badly reporter Stanley Roberts got to ride along with them.

Stanley was out with the San Francisco Sheriff’s Warrant Services Unit and KRON 4 News was the only TV station permitted to ride with them.

The unit, dedicated to finding fugitives, has been active for 28 years.

On the day Stanley observed the officers in action, one of the deputies found a crack pipe in the pocket of a woman with a warrant out for her arrest.

After a thorough search by a female officer, the authorities found an uncapped, slightly-used hypodermic needle in the woman’s bag and another needle in her purse.

It turns out the woman had two warrants. Both were for $5,000 so she got hauled off to jail.

Stanley was also with the unit when they found 44-year-old James Smith, who had an outstanding $125,000 warrant issued by the District Attorney’s office.

Smith claimed it was mistaken identity, that there is someone who looks just like him with the same name and same birthday.

In just one day, five fugitives were taken off the streets, four were felons.

(Copyright 2013, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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