Sea Otters Are More Inclined To Violent Sexual Behavior

SAN FRANCISCO  (KRON)  —  Two sea otters, holding hands as they float, a site that is actually common.  It’s a technique used so the two animals won’t float away from one another.

But beware. These adorable creatures exhibit violent mating behavior – including rape.

In fact, male sea otters are capable of acting with so much force and sexual aggression, it’s sometimes fatal to their female counterparts.

Elkhorn slough is an area near Santa Cruz with the largest sea otter population in California.  Upon arriving there is a section nicknamed “boys club” because of the high number of male sea otters.

With mating dominated by a few males it leaves others to fend for themselves in search of a mate.

Baby seals are occasionally targeted by sea otters and become victims of sexual attacks.  One study found that some sea otters would kill a baby seal as they mated but continue to mate with it for another week.

(Copyright 2013, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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