Teens Caught With U.S. Air Marshal’s Ammo

BALTIMORE – Three Maryland teenagers were arrested on Sunday in Baltimore after authorities found they possessed 70 boxes of ammunition belonging to the U.S. Air Marshals.

The surprising discovery started early Sunday morning with patrol officers checking a parked black Chevy that appeared to have hit a curb. The vehicle had its lights off, and the three suspects were sitting inside, police said.

The officers found 70 boxes of ammunition that are for law enforcement use only, according to a police report.

None of the suspects could justify their possession of the ammunition, the report said, adding that the driver — 18-year-old Brandon Michael Shreve of Linthicum, Maryland — gave the police consent to the vehicle search.

Officers also found bolt cutters, flashlights, latex gloves and other auto parts inside the vehicle, according to the report.

Police said that Shreve later admitted he had broken into a trailer. Both the trailer and the recovered ammunition belong to the U.S. Air Marshals, police added.

Shreve also admitted to breaking into a Ford Mustang vehicle, according to the police.

All three suspects — including two others ages 15 and 16 — have been charged, police said. Under most circumstances, CNN’s policy is not to name juveniles accused of crimes.

(Copyright 2013, CNN, All rights reserved.)

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