Janitor Tended to Abandoned Elderly Patients

Miguel Alvarez says he was hired here at Valley Springs Manor to work as a janitor not to change diapers on elderly residents.

But that is what he ended up doing – and he did it for days because the regular staff left the facility, leaving nearly 20 residents some bed ridden – behind.

“Cleaning patients, cleaning their beds, feeding them,” Alvarez recounted. “One person was blind, so I had to feed them everyday.”

Alvarez got the job only a few weeks ago. He was referred by his childhood friend, Maurice, to make some extra money. Maurice was the cook at the Castro Valley assisted-living facility and stayed around to help the patients.
Alvarez says he worked around the clock, never sleeping for nearly 6 days straight.

“Someone started having a seizure,” Alvarez said. “I didn’t know what to do. I had never seen that before. I called 911.”

Alvarez says although he had only worked at the facility a short time, he had made a connection with the elderly residents and certainly wasn’t going to leave them to fend for themselves.

In the end, despite the fact he hasn’t been paid for weeks, Alvarez says it doesn’t matter, what matters, he says, is the fact everyone made it out.

“I worked and tried to get to everyone. I changed everyone’s diapers. I did what I could,” Alvarez said.

(Copyright 2013, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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