Graphic Video Shows Whale Exploding

FAROE ISLAND (KRON) — If you ate so much on Thanksgiving that you feel like you might just explode, check out this video.

A whale that died of natural causes washed up on the beach in the Faroe Islands, a remote cluster of land between Scotland and Iceland.

Graphic Video of Whale Exploding

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In the video a man wearing protective clothing uses a tool to try to open up the sperm whale’s stomach. He succeeds likely beyond what he had hoped for.

Experts say it appears the man hit a gas pocket while trying to open up the stomach on the carcass, presumably to aid in removing it from the beach.

The video is a reminder to some of a classic video of an exploding whale along the Oregon coast more than 40 years ago.

(Copyright 2013, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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