Photo of Knief-Wielding SFSU Student Prompts Warning on ‘Potential Threat to Jewish Students’

SFPD Officer Pleads Not Guilty to Child Molestation Charges

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A Jewish human rights organization sent a warning Monday to officials at San Francisco State University advising them of an alleged potential threat to its Jewish students.

Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) officials said that the non-profit group AMCHA uncovered a photo “allegedly posted by the President of the University-sanctioned General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) in which he is shown holding a knife” along with a violent message.

The photo’s caption says “I seriously can not get over how much I love this blade. It is the sharpest thing I own and cuts through everything like butter and just holding it makes me want to stab an Israeli soldier and just … ❤ my knives.” An SFSU official confirmed that it has received SWC’s warning but said the university has no further comment at this time. Last month, SFSU President Leslie E. Wong issued a statement condemning the Nov. 7 actions of a student group that had set up an art station to allow passers-by to create their own placards with a pre-made stencil with the words “My heroes have always killed colonizers.”

“I was deeply disturbed by incendiary language that marred an annual commemoration of a cultural mural on campus,” Wong said in the statement.

“I am dismayed by the glorification of violence that this message conveys. There is no place at SF State for celebrating violence or promoting intolerance, bigotry, anti-Semitism or any other form of hate-mongering,” Wong said.

“We are a university community committed to furthering civil dialogue. Each of us must remain vigilant in working to achieve this goal,” Wong said.

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