People That Dump Illegally Behave Badly


OAKLAND (KRON) — If there was a ground zero for illegal dumping, it would be in east Oakland on Pearmain St. near 98 Ave.

Despite the signs that say dumping is prohibited, and surveillance cameras, it’s apparent that violators know this little secret: there’s no enforcement. The surveillance cameras are fake

Business owners have reported seeing various garbage being dumped, from dead dogs to left overs to from pot clubs.

In fact, Stanley Roberts founds the remnants from pot clubs including some plants and all the other tossed out supplies

The problem according to residents and business owners is the cleanup. It just never seems to get cleaned up, or when it does get cleaned up it seems to take weeks, sometimes up to two months to clean up this garbage.

And it’s not always garbage

Sometimes people throw away money and jeweler. And this fact is drawing people to the east Oakland location to rummage through the illegal dump site.

Stanley spoke with Marcus Malone, who to most people, his name means nothing, but if you are an old school Santana fan it might.

“At one time I was with Santana band, the original Santana blues band. I’m homeless and on the streets because I got in some trouble that put me in jail, I lost everything,” Malone said.

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