Lynne Spaulding Family Finds Autopsy “Incomplete and Confusing”

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The family of a woman found dead weeks after going missing at San Francisco General Hospital is unhappy with the autopsy report on Lynne Spaulding.

The San Francsico Medical Examiner’s office ruled Spaulding’s death as accidental.

The report says Spaulding died from dehydration and liver problems, likely related to chronic alcoholism. The San Francisco General Hospital patient was found dead in a stairwell on October 8th, 17 days after she disappeared from the room where she had been admitted.

The M.E’s report doesn’t say exactly when Spaulding died.

“The cause of death report issued today by the San Francisco Medical Examiner is incomplete and confusing,” family spokesman David Perry said in a written statement issued Friday. “With no mention of the date or time of Lynne Spalding’s death and releasing such information late on a Friday afternoon with no advance notice to Lynne’s family or representatives, the report appears designed to confuse and confound.

“There is only one issue here: how long did Lynne Spalding lay suffering and dying while abandoned on a stairwell at SF General Hospital? That question is not addressed in this report. Also, the five sheriff’s deputies responsible for the “non search” of Lynne after she was reported missing have been “re-assigned” with no disciplinary action yet announced. Lynne Spalding’s life cannot be reassigned.

“At this point, the family and friends of Lynne Spalding have little faith in answers from the three institutions charged with Lynne’s welfare and answers in this case: SF General, the SF Sheriff’s Department and the SF Medical Examiner.”

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has conceded deputies at first didn’t consider Spaulding to be a missing person. No one apparently searched the stairwells including the one where Spaulding’s body was eventually found.

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