Jahi McMath: Family Wants To Move Teen Before Monday, Hospital Casts Doubt

OAKLAND (KRON) — The family of Jahi McMath on late Thursday said that they are working to towards moving the girl to a new facility before a court ordered date allowing the hospital to remove her from life support.

“We may have found a miracle to keep Jahi alive and to give her another fighting chance to wake up,” said Omari Sealey, the uncle of McMath.

McMath was declared brain dead after she suffered complications following a routine tonsil-removal procedure.

An hour later after the family spoke to reporters, Children’s Hospital Oakland released its own response saying that the family’s attorney has said that multiple surgical procedures will be necessary to move Jahi.

“Judge Grillo did not authorize or order any surgical procedures or transfer to another facility. Children’s Hospital Oakland does not believe that performing surgical procedures on the body of a deceased person is an appropriate medical practice,” the hospital said in its statement.

Judge Evelio Grillo ruled Christmas Eve that the hospital must maintain life support until then despite ruling that the medical standard has been met declaring Jahi brain dead.

A group of catholic doctors inspired by the holiday offered to help make arrangements with a facility here in the Bay Area willing to care for her, according to Christopher Dolan, an attorney for McMath’s family.

Sealy says they are working quickly to make this transfer possible before 5 p.m. on Monday. “They pretty much gave us a ticking time bomb here of Dec. 30,” he said.

The McMath family was given until Monday afternoon to spend time with 13-year old Jahi McMath before a court order will go into effect allowing CHO to take the teen off life support.

Sealy refused to name the facility due to privacy concerns, but said that they have committed to accept Jahi.

Sealy said today that McMath’s blood pressure is stable and that she showed movement in her shoulders today. She’s also showing signs of breathing on her own.

On Tuesday, Stanford University neurologist Dr. Paul Fisher told the court that there’s no doubt that Jahi has passed away.

“Unfortunately the medical condition of Jahi, by the statute you mention, she meets all of the criteria for brain death,” Dr. Fisher told the court. “She has no brain scan and no cerebral function.”

The Oakland girl’s family has been in a contentious battle with the hospital to keep her on life support.

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The family previously said that McMath’s heart is beating and that she feels warm to the touch. Sealey said the teen responds to her mom when she holds her hand.

Sealy said that Jahi suffered a large amount of bleeding after the surgery, which had been expected to be routine, and eventually went into cardiac arrest and was declared brain dead on Dec. 12.

Dolan said the hospital had planned to remove the teen from life support on Tuesday but postponed that action after he sent hospital officials a letter asking that they cease from doing so.

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