PART III: Santana Bandmate Marcus Malone Talks About the Future


This is part three of our interview with former Santana percussionist Marcus Malone. Read and watch more videos about Marcus below.

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WATCH PART 1: Marcus Malone talks about being homeless

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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — It’s the embrace felt around the world.

International superstar Carlos Santana and his long-lost friend — and former bandmate — Marcus “The Magnificent” Malone, were reunited after 40 years over the holidays.

It all started on Dec. 9. when Marcus, a homeless man, became part of KRON 4’s Stanley Roberts’ People Behaving Badly story about illegal dumping in an Oakland neighborhood. Stanley was capturing footage as Marcus was rummaging for valuables.

During the shoot, Marcus told Stanley that he was a landscaper and a music composer. He also revealed his connection to a Bay Area music legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Carlos Santana.

KRON 4’s Stanley Roberts sat down with Marcus for an exclusive one-on-one interview with the legendary percussionist and how his life has changed since his reunion with Carlos Santana.


STANLEY: So one of the pivotal creators of Santana music is out cutting people’s lawns to make ends meet

MARCUS: It was trial and tribulations man it was something I just had to go through rather than give up on life

I still right music I still create and I’ll never stop it’s in my heart it’s in my soul and that’s what I strive to do is to create music in the same business as god creativity he created the heaven and earth and I create music

Besides the fact that Carlos Santana is orchestrating the return of Marcus there is a small circle of people working behind the scenes.

STANLEY: So you’ve seen the Marcus story your thoughts:

STEFAN GOSIEWSKI (video director/ designer) : My thoughts are that Marcus is a very interesting individual and could be a real cultural asset but he slipped through the cracks and in this society people who slips throughout the cracks need a little bit of help and it’s been a long time coming for Marcus and he has a lot to offer so we are really glad the KRON found him

What kind of doors has this opened for Marcus Malone he has already got quite a few offers from people who want to have him play at their events to see if he puts a little trio together basically Marcus was a interesting person people just didn’t know he was out there and available

STANLEY: You know someone made a statement god can give you wings but you have to do the flapping

MARCUS: That’s right how do you plan on flapping those wings well I’m going to do whatever I think is necessary and right to make me have this promotion to reach to reach the extent that a man can reach in life in whatever he puts his effort into for accomplishing something in life the will be excepted as a trophy and a victory in life.

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