Caffeine May Help Improve Your Long-Term Memory (Video)

BALTIMORE (KRON) — Your morning cup of coffee might do more than motivate you to get out the door and get on with your day, it might improve your memory.

New research from Johns Hopkins University suggests people who consume caffeine have better long-term memory than those who don’t.

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Researchers showed some images to test subjects then gave them the equivalent of a cup of strong coffee. The a day later the people who had the caffeine did a better job of remembering the images than a control group who got a placebo instead.

“We’ve always known that caffeine has cognitive-enhancing effects, but its particular effects on strengthening memories and making them resistant to forgetting has never been examined in detail in humans,” said Michael Yassa, senior author of the paper. “We report for the first time a specific effect of caffeine on reducing forgetting over 24 hours.”

So far Yassa says they know the effect happens but they’re not sure exactly why.

“The next step for us is to figure out the brain mechanisms underlying this enhancement,” Yassa said. “We can use brain-imaging techniques to address these questions. We also know that caffeine is associated with healthy longevity and may have some protective effects from cognitive decline like Alzheimer’s disease. These are certainly important questions for the future.”

Experts say about 90% of people consume caffeine in some form and about 80% of adults enjoy caffeinated drinks every day.

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