Family Sues Uber Over New Year’s Eve Fatal Wreck

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The family of a six-year old girl killed in a New Year’s Eve traffic accident is suing the rideshare service Uber for Sofia Liu’s wrongful death.

Lawyers say the driver, Syed Muzzafar, was registered with Uber when he struck and killed the little girl at Polk and Ellis on New Year’s Eve. They say Uber is denying insurance coverage for the motorist because he wasn’t actually transporting any paying customers at the time of the wreck.

“Uber shares in the profits of its drivers and it must also share in the responsibility for the harms they cause. The use of the Uber app. by drivers violates California laws designed to eliminate driver distraction. Drivers are constantly interacting with their mobile devices creating a serious risk to both passengers and the community.” The suit alleges legal theories never used before in rideshare collisions. the family’s attorney Christopher Dolan said in a written statement. “As transportation delivery systems evolve so will the law. The technology may change but the basic rights of the public to safety and accountability will be upheld through the civil justice system.”

Dolan says this is the first such wrongful death lawsuit in Uber’s history. He also criticizes the company for its recent public announcement lowering rates saying cheaper does not mean safer.

Police say Muzzafar also injured Sofia’s mother Huan Kuang and the child’s five-year old son Anthony.

Read the complete complaint here.

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