Kayleigh Slusher: Court Documents Reveal Accused Killer’s Violent Past

New Documents Reveal Napa 3-Year-Old was Stored in Suitcase, Freezer

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — KRON 4 has uncovered documents that reveal unsettling information surrounding the murder of a 3-year-old girl in Napa.

Police said Kayleigh Slusher’s body was kept in a suitcase and in a freezer inside her mother’s apartment in the days before officers discovered her body.

The toddler’s mother, Sara Krueger, and Krueger’s boyfriend, Ryan Warner, are being accused of killing Kayleigh.

Court documents show that Warner, 26, had run-ins with the law date back to at least 2008. That is when his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Owens, filed a restraining order in Solano County.

In her handwritten statement, Owens claims that Warner was upset with her because she chose to continue her pregnancy and not get an abortion, as he wanted.

Owens writes that she received several intimidating voicemails and text messages from Warner saying she was not worthy of having his child.

The threats include, “I hope the kid dies,” “I will scalp you,” and “I’ve been on the run many times.”

The documents state that Warner threatened Owens “bust your teeth out with a pipe” if he caught her cheating on him.

Last week, a Napa judge refused to allow Child Protective Services to release information about its history with the family. Napa police say they answered nearly a dozen calls for service at the apartment where Krueger and Warner lived with Kayleigh.

Read Police Report and Criminal Complaints in the Kayleigh Slusher Murder Case

Krueger, 23, and Warner remain held without bail on special circumstances murder charges in the Napa County jail pending a hearing later in the month.

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