Oakland Vice Mayor Responds to Sideshow Video

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Oakland Vice Mayor Larry Reid on Thursday responded to a KRON 4 news report that featured shocking social media video footage showing Oakland’s dangerous sideshow culture.

WATCH: Wild, Wild West – People That Endanger Other People in Oakland Behave Badly

In the report, a YouTube clips show a sideshow crowd kicking and throwing glass bottles at a sheriff’s cruiser. Another video captures nefarious youth firing guns into the air indiscriminately.

“I saw the video and I was horrified,” Reid said.

Mobile App users click here to view the video

KRON 4 asked Reid why police aren’t doing more to stop the sideshows, he said that the “police department are responding to real serious violent crime.”

“I think everyone knows that we’ve got a police department that is on mandatory overtime, so, they’re stressed out. And they also know that we don’t have enough police officers.”

Reid acknowledged that the illegal sideshows, which were once under control, have resurfaced. He didn’t provide a timeline or give details about how the city plans to address the problem.


Mobile App users click here to view the video

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