People That Wear Elmo Shirts and Curse at Stanley Roberts Behave Badly

OAKLAND (KRON) — It’s #throwbackthursday and tonight we’re going to look back at a viral video that first aired Oct. 31, 2011.

While filming his People Behaving Badly assignment, Stanley Roberts came across one character who didn’t seem to appreciate his job.

The man known only as “Elmo Shirt Driver,” fired off a profanity-laced tirade at Stanley that hurt feelings all around the world. Well, maybe not all around the world — Stanley thought it was funny.

The driver had been pulled over by a CHP and was being issued a ticket. The man asked Stanley why he was video recording him.

“This is for People Behaving Badly on channel 4,” Stanley said.

The unidentified driver asks Stanley, “What about People Overeating on channel 4?”

And we’re off…

The “Elmo Shirt Driver” guy makes an assessment of Stanley’s personal finances then informs him that his weight appears disproportionate to his income. I think that’s he meant, anyway.

“I bet you couldn’t afford it (a traffic ticket) if you got one! All you can afford is food with your fat lazy #&*!,” the man explains.

For #TBT, we look back at one of the best moments in the history of People Behaving Badly.

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