VIDEO: 49ers: New Stadium, New Rules

SANTACLARA (KRON) — When the San Francisco 49ers start playing at their new stadium in Santa Clara there will be new rules for fans to observe.

Levi’s Stadium is scheduled to open for the 2014 football season.

The $1.2 billion facility will accommodate 68,500 and will be the site for Super Bowl L in 2016.

The new stadium is boasting many new features including a mobile experience that will allow fans to navigate the building with ease and order merchandise, food and beverage from their own handheld devices and have it delivered to their seat.

And while the scenery is new, a lot of the rules remain the same. But the Santa Clara Police Department has plans for strict enforcement of the stadium rules.

“The City of Santa Clara currently has a chapter in its municipal code which specifies various acts that are prohibited, ranging from disturbing the peace to discharging weapons,” officials said.

Among the new rules, “No person shall intentionally throw, discharge, launch or spill any solid object (including footballs, baseballs, beach balls, Frisbees or other such items) or liquid substance or otherwise cause such object or substance to be thrown, discharged, launched, spilled or to become airborne.”

Basically, no playing catch.

Fans will a little closer to the action at the new stadium, so, officials are reminding people that only the players are allowed to run on the field. That means no streaking.

On bathrooms: Need to go? Get in line. You can only do your business in the bathroom.

No bringing in booze, even if it is in a flask or a keg. Or glass containers.

No bringing in weapon, including knives, guns, and tasers or anything that explodes.

No smoking unless in designated areas.

No fights or disruptive, unsafe boisterous activity.

And unless the stadium approves it, there is no banging drums or blowing fog horns or duck whistles.

Outside the stadium, watch where you set-up your grill. Tailgating is only allowed in certain parking lots.

Cars can only take up one spot, there are special spaces for RV’s and large vehicles. Plus, no music or noise that can be heard from more than 50-feet away. And of course, certainly no stealing seats.

If you get caught violating some of these rules, you’re items could get confiscated. Commit a misdemeanor, and you could be sent jail for half a year and received a $1,000 fine.

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