Hair Salon Worker Makes Joke of Alleged Robbery Attempt

Hair Salon Worker Makes Joke of Robbery
Hair Salon Worker Makes Joke of Robbery

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland (KRON) — They tracked him down at his mother’s house but that wasn’t the first embarrassment for a 29-year old would-be robber that day.

Police say Ryan Michael Trembly entered the “Bubbles Hair Salon”, stuck his finger in his shirt like he had a gun and announced a robbery.

The receptionist didn’t hand over the loot, instead police say she laughed in the man’s face. The victim says Trembly then made some small talk and left.

The employee then flagged down a police officer with a partial license plate. Police say they tracked the vehicle to Trembly’s mother’s home where they made the arrest.

He’s charged with attempted robbery.

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