No Surprise: Study Finds Many Sexters Lie


FORT WAYNE, Indiana (KRON) — Common sense tells you many people who “sext” stretch the truth while doing it. Now there’s scientific research suggesting who lies and in what situations.

Sexting involves sending sexually explicit text messages or pictures. Researchers at Purdue University say about half of all sexters they surveyed admitted they had stretched the truth about “what they were wearing, doing, or both.”

The study found women were about twice as likely to be fibbing when they send the sexts as men are. 48% of men and 55% of women also say they have engaged in “consensual but unwanted sexting” when they really weren’t that into it.

Two thirds of the students surveyed said they lied while sexting for their partner’s benefit to fuel the fantasy while a third said they do it because they’re bored.

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