VIDEO: Novato Homeowner Finds House Fire “Unpleasant”

NOVATO (KRON) — A Novato homeowner says waking up to find his garage shop on fire wasn’t scary, just unpleasant.

“I went out to see what the heck was going on,” Steven Petker says. “The shop was already going pretty good. Started hearing loud bangs. Went back inside and put what I have on, grabbed the fire hose, tried to hit the shop but that seemed useless so I started putting water on the house and then I saw my bedroom windows go out.”

Firefighters say they managed to contain the fire but not before it spread into the home on Chase street and also damaged two parked cars.

“It wasn’t pleasant,” Petker recalls. “I wouldn’t call it scary, just unpleasant and worrisome. I’m alive and I’m healthy and I’m fine. The house is still standing and the only thing that’s happening is they’re tearing the walls apart to make sure there’s no fire in them and cutting holes in the ceiling. That can all be rebuilt. It’s much harder when it’s been burned down.”

The cause of the fire remains unclear. There are no reports of injuries.

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