Students Aim to Eradicate ‘That’s So Gay’ and Other Offensive Slang

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A group of university students in North Carolina have launched a movement to end the spread of language that they say dehumanizes and marginalizes people and groups.

The “You Don’t Say Campaign,” a collaboration between Think Before You Talk and Blue Devils United at Duke University, “seeks to raise awareness around the misuse of language that relates to the LGBTQ community and gender issues,” the group says on their Facebook page.

Among the phrases the group is trying to eradicate: ‘Man Up’, ‘That’s So Gay’ and ‘Dont Be a Pu**y.’

“Our Goal: Foster dialogue on the intersection of language and gender and sexual identities,” the group said.

The campaign features photos of seven women and 10 men pledging why they will not use words such as ‘homo’, ‘bitch’, ‘tranny’ and ‘fag’, because they are offensive and oppressive.

Support for the groups effort has garnered over 13,000 likes.

Some of the images posted on their Facebook site are shown below.






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