VIDEO: Health Officials: Whole Foods Has Not Moved Fast Enough To Resolve Urgent Maggot Issue

File photo of a Whole Foods entrance.

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — KRON 4’s investigation of maggots inside the meat counter at the Whole Foods in San Francisco’s Noe Valley has taken a turn tonight after KRON 4 began asking tough questions of Whole Foods.

Despite Whole Foods claims that this is an “isolated incident,” the San Francisco Public Health Department says it can’t be an isolated maggot. If you see one, there’s more somewhere.

The San Francisco Public Health Department also says Whole Foods has not moved fast enough to resolve this urgent issue especially when Whole Foods is selling food products to the public.

On Friday, KRON 4 news told you that maggots were found in the store’s meat case last Monday. Since that time, the case has been cleaned several times, but during a health inspection on Friday, the public health department ordered the market to clean all floor sinks below the meat case because it could be the source of the problem.

Inspectors returned today and found that work had not been done yet despite being told it would. Whole Foods chalks that up to miscommunication and has now promised the work will begin this evening.

New details have surfaced about how the market’s meat department dealt with the maggot issue in the first place, what the grocery store told the health department and told KRON 4.

Dan Kerman reports in a story you will see only on 4.

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