Teens Say They Didn’t Mean to Harm Microwaved Cat

PORTLAND, Maine (KRON) — Two teenage girls insist they didn’t think they would harm a cat by putting it in a microwave oven and turning it on.

Now the pair, who were 15 at the time of the incident, are facing felony charges in connection with the incident that prompted massive outcry on social media.

The attorney for the girls says they were just trying to do something funny and make a video when one of them put the cat named “Miracle” into the microwave and powering it up. They posted a video of the incident to Vine which quickly went viral.

The lawyer says since then the teens have received death threats and even letters saying authorities should “remove their ovaries.”

The girls’ attorney says at first it appeared the cat was fine but after it was turned over to animal control officers, the animal started exhibiting symptoms of severe injuries.

A week after the incident, a veterinarian says “Miracle” had anemia and possible liver damage, which may have been due to blood clots related to microwaving. The cat has now recovered and has been adopted by a new family.

Authorities want a judge to order a psychiatric evaluation for the two girls to see if the teens pose a danger because of their behavior.

(Copyright 2014, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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