Woman Loses 130 Pounds to Work at Hooters

Woman Loses 130 Pounds to Work at Hooters

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA (KRON) — A southwest Florida woman lost nearly 130 pounds to land a job at a Hooters restaurant.

Cearra Swetman made it her goal to work at the restaurant, which is famously known for its toned waitresses, after a drunk man insulted her for wearing a Hooter’s t-shirt.

“I was almost 250 pounds, and I was wearing a Hooter’s t-shirt,” Swetman says. “And a guy told me, ‘You don’t look like a Hooter’s girl I’ve ever seen.'”

A year later, Swetman landed a job working as a waitress at a Fort Myers Hooters in Florida. She had shed 128 pounds.

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