Studies Suggest Women Find Men with Guitars Sexier

PARIS, France (KRON) — Guitarists get all the girls. That’s the finding of two new studies looking at sexual attractiveness.

Guitar World reports the latest study comes from France where the same man approached 300 women ranging in age from 18-to-22 and asked them for their phone numbers. In 100 of the encounters, the man was carrying a guitar, in another 100 he was carrying a sports bag, and for the other third of the study he had nothing in his hands.

In 31% of the cases, the man holding the guitar or guitar case got the woman’s numbers. 14% of women gave their numbers when he was holding nothing and only nine percent of the women gave their numbers to the guy when he was holding the gym bag.

That follows up another study in Israel in which 100 women got a friend request from the same man. 28% of women who saw a request from a man holding a guitar accepted while only 10% of the women added the man when he wasn’t pictured with a guitar.

Researchers say the results suggest that “musical practice is associated with sexual selection.”

(Copyright 2014, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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