The Show Will Go On, As Performers Recover From Fall

(CNN) — The show will go on.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will return to the ring Thursday for its first show since an accident sent nine performers to the hospital.

“I know all of our performers are looking forward to having a smiling audience in those seats this evening,” said Steve Payne, circus spokesman.

On Sunday, during a show in Providence, Rhode Island, eight performers plummeted to the ground when a hair-hang apparatus, which holds performers by their hair,
failed. Another performer was injured on the ground.

The accident was caused by a 5-inch D-ring that snapped, according to the lead investigator for the city’s fire department.

Payne said that an investigation is ongoing and that all the carabiners linked to the incident were replaced as a precaution.

Among the performers who remain in the hospital, three are still in serious condition, the spokesman said.

Thursday’s show will be in Hartford, Connecticut. It will not include the hair-hanging display, also known as the human chandelier.

(Copyright 2014, CNN, All rights reserved.)

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