VIDEO: Dog Dials 911 for Seizing Veteran Owner

VIDEO: Dog Dials 911 for Seizing Veteran Owner

ZANESVILLE, OHIO (KRON) — A United States Marine veteran is calling his dog a hero.

Terry McGlade’s dog, “Major,” managed to call 911 after McGlade had collapsed from a seizure.

“He was actually able to get my phone out of my pocket. I don’t have the phone anymore because there are teeth marks on the phone,” said McGlade.

According to McGlade, his labrador retreiver-pit bull mix mutt stepped on McGlade’s phone for a few seconds, which activated the phone to call 911.

Dispatchers say they never heard the dog bark, but decided to send crews after receiving numerous calls from the same number.

McGlade says Major is trained to sense when he is going to have a seizure, and to help him with anxiety from his Post Tramautic Stress Disorder.

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