Bieber Bodyguard Sued for Allegedly Trapping Photographer in a Subway Restaurant

MIAMI (KRON) — As if Justin Bieber doesn’t have enough legal troubles, now his bodyguard is landing the pop sensation in hot water.

TMZ is reporting a photographer is suing the singer saying he was trying to snap a photo when bodyguard Dwayne Patterson allegedly trapped him inside a Subway restaurant and assaulted him.

Listen to the 911 Calls on TMZ

The lawsuit claims Patterson punched and kicked him while trying to remove the memory card from Manuel Munoz’s camera.

“This new lawsuit filed by a paparazzo is yet another shakedown for money,” Bieber attorney Howard Weitzman tells the web site. “The paparazzo admits that Justin was not present at the alleged ‘assault.’ The paparazzo told the police he had only scratched his knee when he was allegedly tripped, but now claims he was beat up. There are no damages.”

The police report also says Munoz offered to sell the pictures to Bieber for $10,000 but Patterson wouldn’t pay more than half that.

The alleged incident happened just moments before Bieber’s Miami Beach arrest for DUI.

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