Father Stays Out Late Drinking Making Babysitter Wait but It’s The Teen Girl Who Got in Trouble


LIHUE, Hawaii (KRON) — An 18-year old babysitter will have to spend three days in jail and then serve probation for beating up the father of the kids she was watching after he stayed out late drinking.

Mandy Abreu says she agreed to watch the seven-year old and five-year old children “for a little while” while the father was out. A little while stretched into hours as the father apparently went to a bar and drank until almost closing time without calling.

When the victim returned to his house, police say Abreu got into a fight with the man. Prosecutors say she hit him with an object then threw a ring of keys at him causing a minor injury. Police say the victim was holding his younger child in his arms when he was hit while the seven-year old watched.

If Abreu completes her anger management classes and stays out of trouble for a year, she can ask to have the conviction removed from her record. In the meantime she’s ordered to stay away from the man and his kids.

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