Florida College Professor Arrested for Failing Spell Check


LAKELAND, Fla. (KRON) — This might be advice you’d get from a real life college professor, if you’re going to fake a diploma, use spell check.

A professor at Polk State College in Florida is now facing serious criminal charges for allegedly faking his diploma and academic transcripts.

Prosecutors say David Broxterman wanted a better job, one that required a PhD. So they say he fabricated a diploma from the University of Southern Florida and Polk State hired him to teach business in 2009.

His students think he’s great. They’ve given Broxterman perfect scores on one professor-rating web site. Things were going well until someone took a closer look at the diploma he had for his doctorate. It apparently spelled the word “board” as “baord.” The signature of the South Florida school president also appears to be a forgery, authorities say.

Now Broxterman is facing felony fraud charges for stealing all of the money he’s made as a professor since 2009.

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