ONLY ON KRON4 VIDEO AND STILLS: Health Inspectors Find Rat Carcass, More Disgusting Violations in S.F. Walgreens

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — It’s disgusting enough to see rodent droppings all around a San Francisco Walgreens store, it’s even worse when the Health Department takes pictures of an actual rat carcass found inside the store on Kearney Street.

KRON 4’s J.R. Stone has obtained the report from health inspectors who visited the Walgreens in downtown San Francisco on Thursday.

In the report, inspectors write that they found “old rodent feces on the sales floor, below shelves, in basement storage areas, and in the electrical room.

The document includes several photos the inspectors took including the one showing the rodent carcass.

Another line item in the report and accompanying photo involves foodstuffs in the store.

Courtesy San Francisco Health Department

“Observed a bag of Lays potato chips with a hole in the corner,” the report states. “The hole appeared to be a gnaw-like hole. No other food items were observed to be contaminated or adulterated at this time.”

The inspectors say the store was filthy.

“Observed an accumulation of food debris/filth on the floor throughout the facility below and around storage shelves.”

Courtesy San Francisco Health Department

Inspectors are ordering these problems to be corrected and issuing a notice for an abatement conference to address the issues.

Walgreens says it’s taking the report seriously.

“We are committed to ensuring a clean and safe environment for our customers and employees in all of our stores,” Walgreens says in a written statement. “We are taking this matter seriously and have taken action to improve the situation including thoroughly cleaning several San Francisco stores, rearranging store fixtures to increase visibility and access for cleaning, placing barriers to prevent rodents from entering the buildings, and increasing the number of pest control service visits to these stores.”

Inspectors say the store had a pest control service on location two weeks ago but they say someone deployed rat poison around the store improperly.

In all health inspectors say they found four high-risk violations, one moderate-risk infraction, and two low-risk problems.

Read the inspector’s report and view the photos below. Stay tuned to KRON 4, the KRON 4 Mobile App, and for comprehensive coverage of the health inspections at Walgreens.

Read the Health Inspector’s Report

Watch J.R.’s Video Report
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View More Photos from the Health Inspector’s Report

Courtesy San Francisco Health Department
Courtesy San Francisco Health Department
Courtesy San Francisco Health Department
Courtesy San Francisco Health Department
Courtesy San Francisco Health Department
Courtesy San Francisco Health Department

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